First, thank you for your encouragement and fantastic questions during the transition process!  We really appreciate you allowing us to continue to share our vision of LUV and talk more about the importance of our ongoing partnership in advancing the mission in Sudan and South Sudan. 

 The anti-trafficking network spanning Sudan and South Sudan was created to help those at-risk to human trafficking and oppression who had no stable government or infrastructure in place to protect them. This network continues to be strengthened by a faithful indigenous leadership team that provides loving sacrifice and culturally appropriate, creative solutions that enable them to lift, address, and prevent the issues affecting the most vulnerable in our world today. Lift Up the Vulnerable (LUV) is a new organization with very deep roots.  LUV was strategically launched by a team of seasoned global leaders in order to help strengthen the work in these nations and surround the most vulnerable in a global embrace of love.  This global embrace began through years of sacrifices from you and our amazing indigenous leaders.  Together, you make this mission both possible and sustainable.  And the mission continues to impact lives in Sudan and South Sudan like a five-year-old boy named Obaa who was able to find help when he needed it most.

 When you’re abandoned, starving and alone and it’s safer to hide out in crocodile-ridden waters than to encounter government troops, where can a small child go for help? In South Sudan, the typical answer is nowhere. Obaa knew that he needed a miracle as he searched in vain for some small scrap of bread in the little market of a nearby village. Yet, when his small body ran straight into the body of a powerfully-built military police officer, the word “miracle” was far from his mind.

In South Sudan, the foundational structures of society that are meant to protect the innocent public are actually fueled by corruption and thrive by praying on the helplessness of those whom they serve. More often than not, people with power are complicit in the trafficking and rape of young children and women. Yet, on that day, Obaa actually did find his miracle.

When the Officer looked down at the small, malnourished boy that knocked into him – his instinct was to help, not hurt. Rather than thinking of how best to exploit this young boy, the officer knew that the Hope for South Sudan (HFSS) orphanage in the neighboring village offered care for the most vulnerable children in the community and elected to get him there instead. A few calls later, Peter Lomago – the indigenous director of HFSS – came to hear the tale of five-year-old Obaa for himself. Peter offered Obaa a place to call home at HFSS.

When Obaa ran for help, he found LUV.

Obaa sq.JPG

Obaa ran for help

and found LUV

You and I have the honor of contributing to the continued creation of beautiful stories of hope such as this one and help to manifest Love in this world.  With your help, I am eager to continue to be a part of advancing the mission of protecting, providing, and empowering Obaa and the other vulnerable women and children of Sudan and South Sudan who need the strength of our network. Lift Up the Vulnerable will remain a positive force within these communities by working with our seasoned indigenous partners to offer loving homes, schools, medical clinics & other necessary infrastructures that help to transform lives.

Together, we can continue to extend hope and healing for the many Obaa’s in the world today. As you can see from Obaa’s smile after arriving at HFSS orphanage, our life-changing mission certainly represents LUV in action.

Learn more about LUV or please email me with any questions you may have!  Over the next weeks I’ll be introducing you more and more to who we are and what we do.  Stay tuned and get to know us!

The act of lifting requires strength. We are strongest when we work together.#GiveLUV today and together we will lift up vulnerable children and women at-risk to human trafficking and oppression in Sudan and South Sudan.

With much LUV and appreciation,

Audrey Moore

Executive Director