The food container is on it’s way from Indiana to Kenya to South Sudan. Please pray for a safe and smooth delivery to Hope For South Sudan.

The food container is on it’s way from Indiana to Kenya to South Sudan. Please pray for a safe and smooth delivery to Hope For South Sudan.

This October Lift Up the Vulnerable (LUV) became the grateful recipient of a food grant from international hunger relief organization Rise Against Hunger. RAH will donate 9 months’ worth of food to our orphan home and school at Hope For South Sudan, along the border of Uganda. Three partners from NC, TN, and Taiwan have united together to help us ship the food from the USA to our orphan home. Linking hands together, our new and long-standing partners are surrounding the most vulnerable in a global embrace of LUV!

This life-saving donation of food will support and nourish LUV’s indigenous ministry partner at Hope For South Sudan (HFSS) as they provide daily education, security, nutrition and loving care to vulnerable children and women. 

Rise Against Hunger distributes food and life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable, mobilizing the necessary resources to end hunger by 2030. As RAH shares, “Our organization’s approach to ending hunger centers on mobilizing a global network of hunger champions. Rise Against Hunger meal packaging volunteers produce millions of nutritious meals annually that are then distributed to partners in countries around the world. Those partners are best able to address the causes and effects of hunger based on their local presence and expertise. Through our thorough monitoring and evaluation process, we ensure the meals distributed by those partners are used as a tool to change lives by promoting education, improving students’ health and nutrition, addressing gender inequalities, stimulating economic growth and fighting child labor.”

This exciting new partnership offers an essential short-term food solution while we deepen and develop our long-term strategy toward incrementally equipping HFSS—and our entire network—toward becoming food independent through farming. Stay tuned for updates on our deepening partnership with Rise Against Hunger!

The act of lifting requires strength. We are strongest when we lift together.

Lift Up the Vulnerable is a Christian mission organization that relies on the donations from individual partners, foundations, corporate sponsors, and organizations. The mission of LUV is made possible solely through the strength of our dynamic network. We need your support to offer hope, love and transformation to Sudan and South Sudan. Give today and join us in advancing the mission of LUV.

For they will know us by our love,

Audrey Moore

Executive Director