Our 2019 Annual Impact Report is now available! Find it today at:    liftupthevulnerable.org/financials

Our 2019 Annual Impact Report is now available! Find it today at: liftupthevulnerable.org/financials

2019 was both a tough and tremendously important year.

As any of you who have been a part of transitions can relate, they are not for the faint of heart and can be rife with obstacles.

My team (both stateside and internationally) and I have had many sleepless and prayerful nights as we all wondered if the resources would come in to provide for the most vulnerable God placed under our watchful care.

We knew a reorganization and transition was a necessary next step for the mission Make Way Partners began and trusted that God had opened the doors for LUV to grow and deepen the quality of care for the most vulnerable in our network. But we also had to make a lot of tough decisions for the way forward, including significant budget cuts to ensure we had enough to provide for the precious lives under our protection.  

A re-rooting was required to strengthen the mission of lifting up the vulnerable in warzones.

If you’ve ever gardened, you know re-rooting is a very tender time for a large plant and requires careful digging, a heap of help in moving, nutritious new soil, dedicated attention, and the simple gift of time to grow stronger.

The most essential part of re-rooting takes place unseen and sometimes that waiting period is hard to bear. But with deep breaths and fervent prayer, trust in the process reminds us that as a fruit tree grows, the last thing to be revealed is the fruit.

One of those fruits from 2019 was a network of deeply generous partners that offered themselves and their resources to stand with LUV and our mission to lift up orphans and widows in their distress. We simply couldn’t have re-rooted without the generosity, trust and continued faithfulness to this ministry from our partners. Partnerships equip us to share Christ’s love by protecting, empowering and lifting up children and women in warzones.

A second fruit was the precious gift of a new perspective. From our new vantage point, we have a clearer vision of where we’re headed and what’s needed next to deepen the quality of care we offer. This gift is opening new doors to further participate in the empowerment of our indigenous partners. We have exciting plans, new partnerships, and announcements for 2020—so stay tuned!

Please follow the link to review a brief overview of our 2019 financials and impacts. 

Fiscal transparency and excellent stewardship are our goals. If you have any questions please reach out to Sam Allison, CFO, or me directly and we’ll be happy to schedule a time to share more with you.

Partners in Christ,

Audrey Moore

Executive Director

LUV Day 2020 is just around the corner!  

A generous donor has offered a matching grant of $25,000 in honor of LUV Day on February 14th. Any donation designated for “Food” today through February 29th will be doubled and your gift will help us specifically send nourishing food to the vulnerable in Sudan and South Sudan.

 Donate in a loved ones honor and they’ll receive a LUV-O-Gram about your gift of love!  Learn more.