James Lual Atak is the indigenous director of New Life Ministry, along the border of Darfur. In this important letter he shares about the steps he and NLM are taking to prevent the spread of coronavirus, with the reality that most in his nation face without access to healthcare, nutrition, or even soap. With your help we can do more to lift up the vulnerable in Sudan and South Sudan. Give LUV today!
Dear friends,

We are doing so well at New Life Ministry, only that there’s so much fear because of the deathly pandemic of the Coronavirus.

It is not easy for God’s people all over the world in this situation and there is too much suffering for human lives. We have to agree to the truth that God is the only Savior.

This is not an easy time at all to us here especially in South Sudan and Sudan because of the vulnerabilities the people have been going through for many years, and as the world knows, South Sudan has more orphaned children than any other countries in Africa because of the suffering of the war, of disease, and not any development at all.

We are still with no health care in place in the entire country of South Sudan and our government is not operating well to look after the people in the country. If this virus started happening here so many people would not survive the situation at all because there’s no awareness in the country, no hospitals in places here, and of course no ventilators or even masks for prevention.

It’s our prayer here that with this kind of global suffering and with all of the problems our people are already going through God could not allow the virus to come here at all.  For example, now all the roads are closed with limited importation into the country or is allowed by our nearest countries to come in. This includes food supplies (and this could be an even worse disaster in the country of South Sudan).

People are also staying away from one another; for example no families have freedom of movement and here with our communities it’s not easy to educate them or to educate themselves (even the internet is not widely available to get information because of lack of electricity).  And so the only thing we are doing is let this message go around the villages on how this virus is affecting people and the steps they need to take for prevention.

At New Life Ministry we have closed our gates for no more visitors because of the safety of our children and staff. The only way prevention happens here is to keep your children and family together in one place and avoid too much meeting with so many people and keep washing hands with soap all the time—but the people in the communities and in the villages here don’t even have access to soap at all.  It’s not an easy life here completely.

And in the New Life Ministry we are far much better because of the support we have. Even though care for our most vulnerable children and staff has not been easy for a few years now but we really appreciate and are very thankful to God for your continued support.  It’s making us feel that the wonderful human beings around the world are not forgetting us, and especially because of your monthly sharing with us from your families it makes the goals to be reached.

Because of your loves and your faithfulness in walking with this amazing work it’s really giving the faithful love of Jesus Christ in our hearts.  And so in whatever situation—in sickness, in health, in war and in peace—we will still continue because I believe God has called us for this wonderful work of lifting up the vulnerable.

My request upon you is this: kindly continue and stand with us in great support.

If it was not for your support it would have not been possible to reach where we are now! Today many children are now up to secondary schools and even in universities!  So many of our students are in different medical schools and they will be doctors and nurses later on.  Today there are not enough medical doctors.  But our students will take up the responsibility in the future and transform the country of South Sudan because of your wonderful many years support that you are giving to our orphanage centers.

I’m so very thankful and appreciating God for your caring and loving for this children, your donation for this many years is the hope for this country of South Sudan, we are appreciating also Audrey and LUV for their caring and loving supports.   We continue praying that you stay safe and healthy with your families; I really do not have so much to say because you have been so great for this amazing wonderful work of LUV in South Sudan and Sudan.

Thank you very much for your help always!

And our almighty God and blessing be upon you all,

James Lual Atak

NLM Director