Be the LUV you want to see in the world.

We are on a mission to transform the world with Christ’s abundant and generous love by protecting and empowering those who are most vulnerable to human trafficking in warzones.

This February, we’re inviting you to take your partnership to the next level by helping grow LUV all month long.

Our goal is to add 100+ new partners (like you!) who will join us in the mission of preventing trafficking and empowering changemakers in war-torn nations during our Valentine’s celebrations—aka the International Day of LUV.

By inspiring one friend to join the mission of LUV, you’ll help make it possible to rescue and empower more orphans than ever before.

Will you help?

Over the next weeks, we’ll email you several unique ways to grow LUV all month long and read stories of the lives your love is impacting in Sudan and South Sudan.

Here is how you can spread LUV today:



Gift someone you love a “Be the LUV You Want to See in the World” shirt this Valentine’s Day! While you’re at it, order one for yourself.

“The shirts are sooo comfy!  And of course, it’s even better that they advertise and support LUV in the process.”

“Not only is it soft, matches my eyes… proceeds go towards preventing human trafficking!”

“It is my absolute favorite t-shirt right now! I LUV it!!”


“Be the LUV you want to see in the world” is both a visionary calling and practical prescription for navigating this world with an open heart, full of grace, and a focused determination to protect those who are most exploited and abandoned.

We have exciting plans for 2021. Your giving makes them possible. Stay tuned for a month of sharing, giving, and growing LUV!