Greetings from South Sudan!

After 3 long days of travel from the USA to Kenya to South Sudan, a small team of 5 medical practitioners, 1 pastor, 5 LUV leaders, and I arrived yesterday at New Life Ministry (NLM) one of our partners along the border of Darfur.

Today, the team is getting ready to begin a free community clinic to address the complicated web of human trafficking that extreme poverty and medical inequities can create.

Dr Kyle Hudgens (from AL), Dr Joan Perry (NC), Dr Robert Willis (TN), Pharmacist Liza Kabachia (AL), and wound care specialist Marna Musteen (NY) will serve alongside the NLM clinic staff and 12 nursing school students (who all graduated from NLM’s high school!)

Our short-term teams will invest in local and emerging leaders to provide long-term solutions for communities without access to medical care. These LUV graduates who are on scholarship to local South Sudanese nursing colleges will soon be equipped and commissioned to serve and impact even more lives with practical care. More on these nurses coming soon!

With three attending doctors, we anticipate that the clinic will see and administer care to several thousand people over the course of a week. Please keep them in your prayers!


Celebrating 20 Years!

On Monday, May 15th, our team will also be participating in a special event to honor NLM’s 20 years of ministry in the area!

Along with 600 students, 71 NLM staff, 10 interns, 12 international visitors, and an untold number of alumni and community members will come together as community to celebrate how God is at work transforming lives in hard-to-reach places.

New Life Ministry has come a long way in 20 years!


Update on the Conflict in Sudan

You likely have heard in the news about the current crisis in Khartoum. Please read our blog here to learn more about how this conflict is affecting LUV’s anti-trafficking network.

Serving in warzones, has always been our ministry’s unique calling. It’s where the greatest exploitation takes place for vulnerable orphans, children, and women because they have nowhere else to turn.

You help keep us there. Your solidarity and support offer strength to the vision of LUV’s local leaders as they work tirelessly to live out their faith by protecting and empowering those who are the most vulnerable.

What an honor to celebrate 20 years — and thousands of lives transformed — with this community! Your generosity, forged with God’s compassionate love, has made these tremendous impacts possible!

Will you make a one-time gift or start a monthly donation today to help us protect even more children in warzones?