When “Yousif” was six he began working in the gold mining camps of Sudan. His father had died during the war and his mother’s new husband would not care for Yousif. His mother was forced to wish her son well as she pointed him in the direction of the mines.


In Sudan, children work in mines to survive… but it may cost them their lives.


Digging for gold was hard and six-year-old Yousif was exposed to threats, physical abuse, and hazardous working conditions with limited access to health services and no access to education. Adding to his challenges, when he came up empty-handed many nights, Yousif went to bed hungry.

Watch this short video about the gold mining camps in Sudan:



Then he was found by LUV’s anti-trafficking network at Our Father’s Cleft (our partners in the region). Thanks to our donors like you, Yousif—and hundreds of vulnerable children—now have access to food, protection, education, emotional and Christ-centered spiritual support… and a chance to simply be a child again. Your giving makes a life-saving difference!

Today, more than a quarter of the world’s slaves are children. Yousif was one of more than 152 million children, who have been exploited as child laborers.


You have the power to change all of that.


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  • Provide food and water, shelter, and medicine for children, widows, and the elderly, Sudan and South Sudan’s most exploited people.
  • Educate youth, launch microbusinesses, and create jobs for a generation of young people, stabilizing communities, and alleviating poverty and reducing the risk of trafficking.
  • PLUS: You will be equipped to serve, share, and collaborate as a member of the most diverse community of changemakers on Earth — and work to prevent trafficking before it starts.


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At LUV, we envision a world where vulnerable children and women are empowered, and, through them, war-torn nations are transformed.

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