In the Northern Hemisphere, December 21 is the longest night, the winter solstice. It marks the shortest day of the year, the official start of winter.

For those for whom night-time means heightened loneliness, fear or abuse, this is the night most dreaded, when hope is most needed.

Lift Up the Vulnerable (LUV) will hold a global Prayer Vigil to lift up those at-risk to human trafficking and oppression over the Longest Night, December 21 from 4:30 p.m. on Monday, 12/21 until 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday, 12/22.

Sign-up to keep vigil one hour of the longest night — at home or safely with a small group — knowing that you are linking prayers with a global community in support of the most vulnerable in our world today.

Congregations, ministry teams, and individuals who want to volunteer for one of the hours can sign up online at

All those who sign up to keep vigil will receive a meditation prayer guide via email to use during their hour vigil.

If you’re outside of the USA and want to participate in the prayer vigil in your time zone, simply email us to receive the prayer guide.

To join a live zoom corporate prayer time led by LUV board and staff at 430pm EST, click here.

This Christmas, as we celebrate the miraculous ways that Immanuel shines light in the darkness, let’s prove how united the world can be when we lift up the vulnerable together!  With your help and prayers, impossible transformation is made possible for little ones growing up in warzones.

Questions or assistance in signing up, contact Audrey Moore at