Thank you, all friends of LUV. You made my life shine. Without you I would have been a child soldier fighting for no reason. I thank God for his help and that he put it into your heart to stand with us when we were vulnerable. You gave all of us wisdom and I will use it forever. May God provides you with what you did ask Him.

Peter Majok, 3rd Year Nursing Student 


Meet Peter Majok, Susan, James Chol, Paul, Amos, Mary, Ezekiel, Peter Malek, Majok, Abraham, Hellen, and Francis. 


All 12 are high school graduates from LUV’s education program and are now studying to be nurses or clinical officers in a local nursing school in South Sudan. 


In May, these 12 alumni linked up with our visiting medical mission team to serve the most vulnerable in their community at a free weeklong medical clinic. 


And they were incredible! 


Compassionate, hardworking, eager to learn, and ready to serve — these young leaders are being empowered to thrive as change agents in their own lives and communities — and are starting out strong. 



During the week, the team of visitors and local leaders served 1,139 people in 5 daysAlthough medical care is not our primary focus, it is a vital component to our protection programs. These free clinics can be a lifesaving blessing to the local community, who have limited or no access to medical care throughout the year.  They also grow goodwill and support for the anti-trafficking work being done by our partner locations and local leaders!

Here’s a video snapshot of the first full day of the clinic (it’s less than 3 minutes long): 



Personally, I was elated watching these 12 nursing students serve alongside our medical team where they received more hands-on training so they can be even better prepared to impact their own communities moving forward. These young leaders were very small people when the ministry first started 20 years ago. What a joy to watch them grow up and now lead the way for transformation! 


Your generosity transforms lives! 


Will you join LUV in equipping local changemakers, addressing root causes of exploitation, and growing hope and resiliency in war-torn communities? 


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