Preserving the right to a safe, stable, and nurturing environment for all children is essential to our mission at LUV. Our local partners and indigenous directors provide physical protection and spiritual counseling to help the children in our anti-trafficking network grow into active changemakers for their communities. 


Understanding adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) is a critical component to our care strategies in Sudan and South Sudan, where exploitation rates are high due to conflict and extreme poverty.  


One poignant example of our work’s impact is the story of a three-year-old boy named Nalo*, who has faced more hardship in his short life than many of us will ever know.  


Born under tragic circumstances, his mother, Regina, was violently attacked by a neighbor while pregnant and sustained injuries so severe that she died during an emergency caesarean section. 


Miraculously, Nalo survived. However, his father, unable to provide for him, left Nalo in the care of his aunt, who struggled to make ends meet through farming and selling street food. Desperate and afraid for Nalo’s future, she reached out to Lift Up the Vulnerable’s indigenous partners for help.  


Nalo is now a three-year-old boy living safely in our safe homes where he can play and learn with other children his own age. Without the sanctuary of LUV, Nalo would have likely experienced severe forms of ACEs. ACEs are difficult and/or traumatic events experienced by individuals throughout their adolescent years that have life-long impacts on their health and futures. 


Nalo was at risk for physical and emotional neglect, witnessing violence outside the home, living in an unsafe neighborhood, and ultimately living in a war zone. These experiences are not only linked to a greater risk for, chronic diseases, mental illness, violence, and being a victim of violence but they also contribute to a set of vulnerabilities that put someone at a higher risk of being trafficked.  


Nalo may have come from a heartbreaking and brutally violent beginning, but he now has the chance to determine his own future because of people like you.  The continued compassion, assistance, and contributions of our partners help to mitigate the risks of ACEs and promote a nurturing and loving environment. Every contribution, no matter the size, plays a vital role in providing essential care, education and opportunities to vulnerable children like Nalo, empowering them to build brighter futures. 


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To learn more about Positive and Adverse Childhood Experiences (PACEs), watch expert Carey Smith Sipp dive into the history and science behind PACEs during a recent virtual event we hosted: