Outbreaks of tribal violence have been erupting in villages around Hope For South Sudan (HFSS) over the past month. Just recently another conflict between the two largest tribes in the area has been growing in the Nuba Mountains, near Our Fathers Cleft (OFC), where we are caring for nearly 600 children.


People from both of these surrounding communities have been killed, animals have been raided, hundreds have been displaced.


Carrying all they can to survive, children and women flee the tribal violence in Nuba.


Although our farm at HFSS is not at risk, the rainy season has started in the Nuba Mountains and, if the violence continues, there will be eminent hunger in this region because the farmers will not be able to plant crops. The cattle keepers face the same fate since there has been reported increases of animal raids.


During violent outbreaks, children, women, and the elderly are the most vulnerable to exploitation and oppression.


This most recent violence has been spurred on by land ownership issues, leadership and power struggles, and ethnic discrimination. Targeted killings are on the rise.


At this time, Eugenio Kirima and I are monitoring the situation with our teams on the ground. Last night, during a new bout of violence in the Nuba Mountains, Ezekiel Ayub simply asked for prayers.


While Lift Up the Vulnerable exists to prevent the trafficking of children and women—we are also actively engaged in raising up a new generation of peacemakers in conflict zones. Our anti-trafficking network links over 30 different tribes who are living, learning, working side-by-side, and supporting one another as family.


This diverse network is one of our greatest strengths—proving how united the world can be when we lift up the vulnerable together.  


Our local partners build bridges in every community where we work to provide strong support and protection for our compounds and ministries.


We know hate and chaos are a powerful force. We trust fully that God’s Love is more powerful still.


Please keep our partners at Hope for South Sudan, Our Father’s Cleft, and the surrounding communities in your love and prayers. 


LUV works in these regions specifically because they are the hardest places in the world—especially if you are a child or woman.


Your generosity keeps us there and lifts up the most vulnerable. 


Please consider giving today so we can be responsive to emergency needs.


We’ll keep you posted as we have more updates in the weeks to come.