Last September, student athletes from NC State University’s Pack of Wolves NIL collective and National Coatings Inc. collaborated to help us drill a new well at Hope for South Sudan (our anti-trafficking network partners along the border of Uganda).  


This new clean water source is now completed! It supplies water to 400 students and over 100 local leaders and community members.  


Having potable water greatly reduces risks of illnesses from water-borne disease, but also creates more protection. It may be surprising to know that in countries like South Sudan children and women often risk horrendous exploitation every day when they venture out to gather this basic need. Thanks to this initiative, now the children and women in LUVs care can be safe, stay healthy, and flourish. 


Our students in South Sudan are incredibly grateful for their new well!  


“I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink.” – Matthew 25:35


Thank you for your continued partnership to help protect, educate, and uplift those who are most vulnerable to exploitation for a bright and hopeful future!  It means the world to all of us.