2020 has been tough on most of us, and it has taken a devastating toll on millions less fortunate around the world. In Sudan and South Sudan, the pandemic and economic crisis led to higher rates of disease, food insecurity, domestic violence, and human trafficking. 

Yet, in the midst of it all hope rises.

This month, four students — Cecilia, Willis, and Beatrice (pictured above) and Hannan (pictured interning at the state hospital) — who have all come through our anti-trafficking network, have graduated from nursing school!

In South Sudan, over 70% of school-age children are not receiving an education, and only 27% of the adult population can read and write.

This cohort of university graduates are a testament to the effectiveness of your investment in this ministry and the tenacity and determination that these students have to continue in their journey for education and career! 

Together, we are part of the impossible made possible in war-torn nations!

From Willis, 

“My sincere congratulations to you and your team for having put me, my colleagues, as well as, South Sudan on the bright side of things…I am lacking a word to appreciate every service you rendered to me since when I was a toddler until now. My promise is to make your name greater and bring up others, just like you did. Keep up the struggle. I choose to care for others just like you did to me. It is unending journey…may God bless us all.”

Your love is transforming the world!

As we all prepare for the challenges that lie ahead, we ask that you consider making a special holiday gift to celebrate how Christ’s love transforms the lives of the most vulnerable. 

We want to invest in and empower more changemakers like Willis, Cecilia, Hannan and Beatrice who are rebuilding their lives and now also their communities after decades of civil war.

Help us amplify LUV’s call to serve those who need it most. It is through your generosity, that we will see lives and communities transformed!