Human trafficking exploits the most vulnerable people in the world.


For children and women living in places of both extreme poverty and war, there is simply nowhere to go for safety and freedom.


At LUV, we believe that when we empower those who are vulnerable, we transform the world. To do this, we work with a global network of compassionate people — like you — to address the root causes that lead to exploitation in conflict zones.


I’ve had the privilege of serving alongside many of our indigenous partners, Board of Directors, and donors who have been investing in hope-filled futures for nearly two decades and participating in God’s transformational and miraculous work in some of the hardest to reach places in our world.


This month, I’d like to introduce you to the behind-the-scenes leaders who serve on our Board of Directors so they can share what motivates and inspires them about this ministry.


Louise Coggins, LUV’s Board chair, has been living and giving generously to support the anti-trafficking network’s expansion since 2005:

“As (my husband) Steve and I learned more about the massive problem of human trafficking worldwide, we both knew we had found the cause of our lifetime—fighting the greatest evil of the 21st century through helping the ‘least of these’ in the most forsaken countries…We have seen God use this ministry to bless helpless victims who had no hope before LUV became their advocate and protector.” 


Marilyn Dixon, is our newest board member, but has been a committed donor since 2004!

“I am so enthused by the model of Lift Up the Vulnerable, our focus not only on the children needing shelter, food and education but also on the health of the broader community. One can imagine real change on a macro level in the decades to come thanks to the work LUV is doing in Sudan and South Sudan. I am excited to be a part of this change!”


Our team comes from diverse backgrounds and different walks of life, but we’re passionate and committed to identify and address root causes of exploitation and build solutions for long-lasting, positive change.


Mary Boney Clark, recently joined our Board of Directors in the fall of 2021. She shares:

“Human trafficking continues to be a global problem and is particularly widespread in the lawless regions of Sudan and South Sudan. By using indigenous leaders, LUV has found a way to effectuate change. We have to continue to help these shockingly abused women and children to help them have a life and to give them hope of a brighter future. LUV is the answer.”


With your help, we’re proving that Christ’s love inspires hope, healing, and transformation as we work together in solidarity to end human trafficking.


Gustavo Quintero has been a board member since 2019:

“I believe we are all here to help one another, and that being able to do so is a privilege. Working with LUV provides an opportunity to help some of the most vulnerable people in the world – and more importantly, empower them to be able to help themselves and others around them. It’s a blessing to be able to contribute.”

Meet All of LUV’s Board Members


There are many ways to impact lives through Lift Up the Vulnerable and we want to help you find the right fit for you.

Join the LUV Collective:

Your monthly gift will equip local changemakers, address root causes of exploitation, and grow hope and resiliency in war-torn communities. Become a Hope Investor Today

Corporate Sponsorship:

We have joyfully partnered with Lift Up the Vulnerable for 10 years. This organization is dear to our heart as they are truly walking in the footsteps of Jesus by reaching out and helping the most vulnerable. LUV’s Christian based holistic approach changes lives and transforms the exploited people of their community into the leaders that can change their country.” -Wes Castleman, President, Ranger Plant Construction Co., Inc. Contact me to learn how your company can make an impact.

Church Partnership:

With the help of congregations around the globe, we offer protection, education, and economic development, which empower children and women to become agents of change in their own lives and heal their nations from within.  Reach out to schedule a meeting with our team about ways to engage your church.

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“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, and penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” -Joann Hsieh, Board member since 2017.