Your generosity is growing peace in warzones.


With your help, we’re committed to standing with the most vulnerable children and women in the hardest to reach places on the earth — like the Nuba Mountains of Sudan.


Because of decades of conflict, infrastructure development in this region has ceased and hundreds of thousands are living in extreme poverty.


Human trafficking and exploitation thrive.


For over half of the year, with no bridges or paved roads, visits, access to medical care, and sending resources like food are impossible because of the rainy season.


It is in these hard-to-reach places that you’re helping us impact lives and restore hope.


LUV goes to prevent the trafficking of children and women in warzones and empower them to be agents of change in their own lives and communities.


Since 2010, our local partners have remained committed to raising up a new generation of peacemakers through our holistic care and Christ-centered education.


As Ezekiel Ayub, indigenous director of OFC, often shares:


“We are investing in the heart to head knowledge of our students. Head knowledge is essential, but head knowledge alone is not enough; it is when heart understanding comes in that we will see our communities transformed. At OFC schools, we are investing both forms of knowing into our students.”


You can grow peace in warzones.


And you can start right now.  


Join us today with a monthly gift or one-time donation that will protect, educate, empower, and lift up the vulnerable with Christ’s love.