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Since October of 2018, you have been helping Lift Up the Vulnerable continue the tremendous mission begun by Make Way Partners through the dynamic anti-trafficking network that spans Sudan and South Sudan.

The transition of MWP’s work in Africa to Lift Up the Vulnerable (LUV) was a strategic organizational move to strengthen the mission of protecting the most vulnerable in our world today and to more deeply equip our indigenous partners. In this way, more lives could be lifted up and rescued from human trafficking and oppression. 

Our Summer Partner Report is now available!  

 Find it today at:


This year LUV’s board, staff, interns, and my primary focus has been on building and continuing relationships with you and other Make Way Partners past donors, and expanding our network through strategic alliances to help the mission of LUV grow deeper, wider, and stronger in the years to come. In less than a year, LUV has made many advancements and deepened many old and new partnerships. 

 Together, and with an abundance of God’s grace, we are advancing the mission of LUV!

 As you will see in the Summer Partner Report the needs in Sudan and South Sudan are great. According to the UN in their 2019 Humanitarian Needs Overview, “About 1.5 million people live in areas facing high levels of access constraints – places where armed hostilities, violence against aid workers and assets, and other access impediments render humanitarian activities severely restricted, or in some cases impossible… Communities’ inability to access lifesaving support risks pushing women, men and children deeper into crisis.”

In the face of great impossibilities, LUV’s indigenous network is strategically positioned to do more in these nations. We need your help more than ever during the final months of 2019! 

The act of lifting requires strength. We are strongest when we work together.

Join the movement of LUV in participating in impossible made possible.

For they will know us by our Love,

Audrey Moore

Executive Director