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Lift up vulnerable children and women at-risk to human trafficking and oppression in warzones.

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We lift up vulnerable children and women most at-risk to human trafficking and all forms of oppression in three strategic locations spanning the warzones of Sudan & South Sudan.


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LUV makes a difference.


LUV provides safe housing

LUV provides safe housing for 927 of the most vulnerable children and women. We understand the power of a safe and loving home, good nutritious food, clean water,  discipleship, clothing, and other necessary infrastructures are a foundation for life and important resources for building community.  We provide safe housing for vulnerable children, women, and the elderly who have no other options for protection.


LUV educates

LUV lifts up the vulnerable through educating nearly 1,655 students in preschool, elementary school, high school, adult literacy classes, higher education, vocational training, specialized medical classes, and mid-wife training.  Our vision for each level of educational training is to see minds expanded, bodies protected, and hearts transformed with LUV so that a new generation of peace-makers are being raised within the warzones of Sudan and South Sudan.


LUV offers healthcare

We provide healthcare for an average of 4,933 from our children, staff, and the local communities that we serve in free of charge.  In these isolated, war torn, impoverished communities there is often little to no medical care available beyond the healthcare service we offer. Committed to ending orphanhood and offering more medical services we also are sending graduates from our mission to medical schools who will offer future hope and practical care for long-term change.


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