South Sudan Water Crisis leads to Trafficking of Children and Women

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In a recent article entitled, South Sudan, where a water crisis is leading to child kidnappings and rape, journalist Bel Trew writes, “Nearly 80 per cent of the country [of South Sudan] has no access to clean water, according to the government water authority, which said vital infrastructure has been destroyed in the fighting…The shortages have sparked armed conflicts between several of the country’s 60 or so ethnic groups and could be the tinder box for fresh conflict in the future, officials have warned…

"Caught in the crossfire are women, who are responsible for fetching water supplies even if it means making long and dangerous journeys…

[At the same time] "Child abduction has become a business in the region as kidnappers are able to take children during raids and sell them for livestock to families who are unable to conceive. But bizarrely the local authorities have linked the spike in abductions to the water crisis. Cattle raids are increasing as shepherding communities are on the move looking for water resources or new livestock to replace those lost to thirst, leading to direct conflict with rival ethnic groups. One of the main side businesses is taking children along with the cows.” 

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Human Trafficking = The Exploitation of Vulnerability. “Trafficking” by the very nature of the word reflects movement. Therefore, human trafficking is the movement of a person’s vulnerability towards the exploitation of that vulnerability. Poverty is an obvious vulnerability—but not all poor people are exploited. It’s Poverty+ that creates a perfect and growing storm contributing to the vulnerable being most exploited in Sudan and South Sudan: poverty+ orphan-hood; poverty+ civil unrest/war; poverty+ cultural issues (like selling of child brides); poverty+ gender inequality; poverty+ religious persecution; poverty+ lack of education; poverty+ lack of access to medical care; poverty+ water insecurity…

Today, the people of Sudan and South Sudan are in dire need of help. Lift Up the Vulnerable is strategically positioned to do more in these nations to combat human trafficking and oppression through our dynamic indigenous anti-trafficking network.  Through this powerful network we provide life changing care that leads to community transformation as we address the vulnerabilities that most affect children and women. LUV offers education, food, clean water, safe housing, medical, spiritual and trauma-informed care. We advocate and act for the most vulnerable in our world. 

To do more, we need you. Join us today in lifting up the vulnerable in Sudan and South Sudan.  


For they will know us by our Love,

Audrey Moore

Executive Director

Audrey Moore