I am delighted to share exciting news about Lift Up the Vulnerable’s recent expansion and hire of Cassidy Winters as our Communications and Development Officer. As Cassidy interviewed over the summer, we all kept sensing God’s nudge that this partnership was the next great step both for LUV and for Cassidy’s vocational journey.

I invited Cassidy to share more with you about why she felt compelled and called to serve with this ministry.

Cassidy writes,

I remember the first time I heard about human trafficking, over ten years ago, my heart was overwhelmed. I wanted to help, but I felt I did not have a single skill that could make a difference. What could I do if doctors, lawyers, and polices officers had not solved this issue by now?


But after hearing about something so earth-shattering, I had to try.


Trying to help has taken me all over the world, from red-light districts to jungles, to support the work of ending human trafficking. I have taken photos for conferences and held the hands of survivors on their way to testify at court. I found there was always work to be done, just not always enough people to do the work.


Most importantly, I have learned that only when we all come together, can we end human trafficking. The idea of coming together is why I am thrilled to be at LUV. Not only does LUV partner and empower the most incredible leaders in Sudan and South Sudan, but the leaders at LUV know that you are essential to ending human trafficking.


I am beyond delighted to serve as the Communications and Development Officer. It is an honor to share stories from the courageous children and women we serve and support you with the tools to empower people who are vulnerable.

LUV envisions a world where vulnerable children and women are empowered and, through them, war-torn communities are transformed. In these uncertain times, our work now is more critical than ever. Your prayers and financial partnership will help us save lives.

More good news to come. Stay tuned!