LUV Letter Day

Your letters remind me that I am loved!

You can send a handwritten letter or submit one through our online form below by October 27, 2019


Send notes of encouragement, hope, and love to children in warzones today.

When writing your sponsored child please remember these helpful tips:



+ Keep it simple and age appropriate

+ Encourage them with scripture verses and about Christ’s Love.

+ Share with your sponsored child about your prayers for them.

+ Write about yourself—your family, pets, where you live, the activities you do, and about your work.

+ Encourage them in their school studies - to study hard and listen to their teachers

+ Ask them questions!  And, write to them about what it would be like to be a pilot, pastor, engineer… (if you know what they hope to become in the future).

+ Send photos—of you, your family, and your world! (We suggest not sending more than 3 pictures.)



- Write in Cursive—make it easy to read.

- Mention ‘I hope to meet you one day’ or similar statements—children are often not able to differentiate between a possibility and a promise 

- Refer to specifics about what they suffered and lost or about being an orphan

- Give out personal information—address, phone number, Facebook, or email

- Share intimate details of personal problems

- Discuss politics or political candidates or make comments about money or financially supporting them

- Send gifts—books, sticker sheets, bracelets, etc… we try to keep things as fair as possible


After writing your letter:

  • personalize it with extra photos (no more than 3),

  • label the back side of your envelope with:

  • your child’s name & ID #

  • Location (New Life Ministry, Hope For South Sudan, Our Father’s Cleft)

  • Send it!

By October 27th, mail letters to:
LUV Child Sponsor Letters,
PO BOX 709, New York, NY 10159


*Please do not enclose a donation into same envelope as your letters. Donations can be mailed to: P.O. BOX 22027, New York, NY 10087-2027


If letter submission form doesn’t load properly refresh this page or please click here.

After completing the form, you’ll be emailed a copy of your letter to the email you provided.