Our mission is to lift up the most vulnerable children and women at-risk to human trafficking and oppression in warzones.



Human Trafficking = The Exploitation of Vulnerability. “Trafficking” by the very nature of the word reflects movement. Therefore, human trafficking is the movement of a person’s vulnerability towards the exploitation of that vulnerability. Poverty is an obvious vulnerability—but not all poor people are exploited. It’s Poverty+ that creates a perfect storm contributing to the vulnerable being most exploited in Sudan and South Sudan: poverty+ orphan-hood;  poverty+ civil unrest/war; poverty+ cultural issues;  poverty+ gender inequality; poverty+ religious persecution; poverty+ lack of education; poverty+ lack of access to medical care…

What We Do


Human trafficking is a vicious cycle that preys on the vulnerable.

LUV offers prevention which is the key to breaking the cycle of trafficking and oppression. Together, with indigenous partners, we determine specific steps and strategies to provide consistent, sustainable care for vulnerable.


LUV goes to strengthen children and women who are at-risk to human trafficking.

Through indigenous partnerships in Sudan and South Sudan we offer safe housing, schools, medical clinics & other necessary infrastructures to restore hope.


The act of lifting requires strength. We are strongest when we work together.

LUV unites indigenous directors, local staff, global partners, and passionate volunteers. We work within an appropriate cultural context to creatively address the issues affecting the vulnerable.