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LUV in Action

Love in Action is the only power that can transform this world—indeed, Love is the only power that ever has.

Audrey Moore, Executive Director


Unite your gifts, talents, and passions with the most vulnerable. LUV is excited to help you make a difference with a fundraiser of your own. If you, your family, friends, office, school, church or youth group are interested in fundraising please let us know how we can support you and your efforts.



We bring short-term teams overseas to work with and serve vulnerable children and women. If you have a passion for Lifting Up the Vulnerable, begin your online application today.


Visit us on LinkedIn to find internship opportunities at LUV. Or, contact us today at: info

AUGUST 17-27, 2019

Apply to go on our next medical mission team to New Life Ministry, along border of Darfur.


Contact us for free materials that you can use to share with your friends, family, office, school, or community! Share about LUV on social media and email. #GiveLUV #ShareLUV #LUV

Take action by telling the stories of how to LUV vulnerable children and women today.