Our Mission

Lift up vulnerable children and women most at-risk to human trafficking and oppression.

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Human Trafficking = The Exploitation of Vulnerability. “Trafficking” by the very nature of the word reflects movement. Therefore, human trafficking is the movement of a person’s vulnerability towards the exploitation of that vulnerability. What are the over-arching, major vulnerabilities?

1)      Poverty is an obvious vulnerability—but not all poor people are exploited. It’s Poverty+ that creates a perfect storm contributing to the vulnerable being most exploited: Poverty+ orphan-hood;  poverty+ civil unrest/war; poverty+ cultural issues;  poverty+ lack of education.

2)      Childhood sexual abuse:  Those who have been abused in their families or communities become vulnerable to exploitation because of the inestimable harm that is done to the heart and soul of the child.

3)      Grooming:  There are traffickers and pimps who lure girls and boys into co-dependent, sexual relationships with the intent that they will eventually exploit them in prostitution.

Lift Up the Vulnerable (LUV) lifts up vulnerable children and women at-risk to human trafficking and oppression.  We work with indigenous leaders who offer intervention, rescue and aftercare for the most vulnerable in their communities.  Together, we provide food, housing, education, security, employment, medical and spiritual care. These important resources are key components to addressing vulnerabilities and ending exploitation and trafficking.


LUV in Action:

The act of lifting requires strength. We are strongest when we work together.

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We need your help.

Lift Up the Vulnerable today!