Our Partners

Our partners offer strength for a greater collective impact in Sudan and South Sudan.

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LUV unites indigenous directors, local staff, global partners, corporate sponsors, strategic organizational alliances, foundations, churches, and passionate volunteers to make collective impacts in warzones. We work within an appropriate cultural context to creatively address the issues affecting the vulnerable and, together, with the essential insights from our indigenous partners, we determine specific steps and strategies to provide consistent, sustainable care for the most vulnerable.

Faith partners

Help set the captives free

As an ecumenical Christian organization we seek to connect with communities of faith and mobilize faith leaders and their communities with meaningful ways to prevent trafficking and empower change agents in war-torn nations. Faith partners link arms in support of the most vulnerable orphans and widows by sharing information, mission board engagement, fundraising efforts, and/or scheduling a speaker. We’d love to talk to you more about connecting your church, synagogue, or faith community with the children in Sudan and South Sudan.


Strategic Organization Partners


Connect your business with LUV and empower changemakers in war-torn nations.

Your small business or large corporation can partner with us by creating lasting change in the warzones of Sudan and South Sudan. If you want to have a global impact through education, economic empowerment, and the prevention of human trafficking, we would love for you to join us. As a corporate partner, you will have the opportunity to leverage assets, raise awareness, and engage your leadership and employees to make a difference in the world. All corporate sponsors are highlighted as pivotal members of the LUV network.

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