I am excited to share about Lift Up the Vulnerable recent expansion and hire of Sasha Nicolle as our Operations and Advancement Officer. 


Sasha is passionate about sustainable development in emerging nations. This interest was awakened in 2011 when she co-lead a group of students on a mission trip to Haiti. She was inspired by the tenacity of the people she met to affect change for themselves and their country. Since then she has spent over 10 years collaborating with Haitians in the areas of Fair Trade, Micro-Finance, and WASH. She holds a BA in French Education from Bethel University, a Masters in Nonprofit Management from Hamline University, and has begun an MBA from the University of Northwestern.


Sasha is no stranger to LUV and has been working to amplify our message for several years because it aligns with her core belief that the best way to help people flourish is to equip them to become autonomous rather than dependent on aid. To further advance this concept she founded an initiative called Emanate International; that promotes organizations and methods that have proven effective in the international development sector. In 2021, she interviewed CPO Eugenio Kirima to share more about LUV’s model in warzones.


Check out this 6 minute segment of the interview here:


I invited Sasha to share more with you about why she felt compelled and called to serve with this ministry.


Sasha writes,


I am delighted and honored to join LUV because first and foremost I know we are aligned on how to best serve people in vulnerable situations. When I interviewed Eugenio a couple of years ago, I was impressed by the way LUV has implemented strategies to ensure the people they engage will be equipped to flourish even after they have graduated out of LUVs ministry programs. What’s more, I could see very clearly that the LUV team genuinely cares about not only the people they serve, but about the colleagues and partners with whom they collaborate. I am excited to have the opportunity to work with such dedicated professionals and I am certain that I will learn a great deal from everyone on this team. 


LUV envisions a world where vulnerable children and women are empowered and, through them, war-torn communities are transformed. In these uncertain times, our work now is more critical than ever. Your prayers and financial partnership will help us save lives.


More good news to come. Stay tuned!