Frederick Buechner wrote that compassion is “that sometimes fatal capacity for feeling what it is like to live inside another’s skin and for knowing that there can never really be peace and joy for any until there is peace and joy finally for all.” 

After spending years working with the leaders of our anti-trafficking network, I know that this is both the deep burden and the tremendous privilege that they have been called to carry as they invite you and me to join them in “compassion advancing” and provide for the vulnerable in their communities. 

These past weeks the leaders in our anti-trafficking network have been excited to greet you by video because it gives them an opportunity to share with you directly about that very call upon their lives to lift up the vulnerable.  You’ve heard encouraging messages of hope and transformation taking place in Sudan and South Sudan from James Lual Atak, director of New Life Ministry and Ezekiel Ayub, director of Our Father’s Cleft.     

Today, meet and hear from Peter Lomago, our indigenous director of Hope For South Sudan along the border of Uganda.  This region has suffered much this past year. War erupted for several months all around him and the children at HFSS.   Shortly after the violence ended he wrote, “What I have seen is that God truly does use everything—even the things we think are bad—to bring about Goodness. So, I rest in the Goodness of God. Thy Kingdom Come…”

We are deeply thankful that the war has now ended in this region of South Sudan; however the work of restoration is far from over and you are needed more than ever! Please watch this brief video as Peter shares how partnerships really do save lives.

This Christmas, join the movement of compassion and love.  Click on the link below to securely make your gift or send a check to our PO BOX and know your impact through Lift Up the Vulnerable is doubled through December 31st because a committed family partner to the mission has been moved to issue a $100,000 challenge grant!

For a bonus “Christmas Carol Video” from the exceptionally-well-choreographed African leaders click here!

We wish you a merry Christmas; rich with compassion and grace!

Audrey Moore

Executive Director