Theos esti Agape!  God is Love(1)!

Agape en allēlōn!  Love one another(2)!

Agape: a Greek word pointing us to God’s immeasurable, generous, incomparable love for all the world.

Agape: The All Giving Love—selfless, sacrificial.

Agape points us to the Source of all things(3) Who is ever generous(4) and at the same time Agape invites us to participate in that free flowing generosity more and more.  This movement of Love is what LUV is intent on pursuing!

When we look around our world today it’s easy to see more Agape—All Giving Love—is needed. More Love is what transforms hearts, minds, and lives. More Love is needed for the victim and the perpetrator. More Love is needed to deepen forgiveness and healing. More Love is required to restore lawless lands where trafficking and oppression thrive.

More LUV is the mission of LUV.

More LUV connects a single mom in Cincinnati to a woman in South Sudan who survived a rape camp and now needs holistic care to tend her heart and practical care to rebuild her life.

It’s the movement behind a teacher in California who has his tenth grade students write letters of Love that encourage children in warzones to hold on to hope.

It’s what spurs on a couple in Manhattan to provide food for an entire orphanage of 300 vulnerable children knowing that not only little bodies are nourished, but also hearts and minds.

It’s the link between a grandma of 9 in Helena sponsoring an orphan in the bomb-ridden Nuba Mountains so that her family learns about the importance of leaving a legacy of love.

How does this global embrace happen?  Only Agape, Generous Love can be responsible for this much beauty, connection, and grace.  Only Love in Action is the power that can transform our world.

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