This year-end LUV has needed to raise over $400,000 to continue providing life-saving care in our anti-trafficking network. These resources help us lift up the most vulnerable through education, housing, security, food, discipleship, medical care, and lots of love. Because of many generous partners support and sacrificial giving, I’m excited to announce we only have $84,000 left to raise by Dec 31!

Your gift of LUV helps lift up the most vulnerable to human trafficking and oppression and is raising up the next generation of peacemakers in warzones.

Here is how your year-end donation can lift up the vulnerable:

Daula small.png

Give The Gift of LOVING HOMES

We need $10,000 more to provide protection from human trafficking through our safe homes. LUV protects 927 children who have no other housing options and live with us full time—like Daula, who was rescued this past year.  

Your donation of any size to give the gift of loving homes will be used for supplies and salaries for our indigenous housing staff at all three locations that includes: house parents, cooks, and our evening security guards.

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Give The Gift of EDUCATION

We need $32,000 more to provide education for 1,650 students learning in our school program. By investing in and educating young peacemakers in warzones—like Regina, whose parents were trafficked and later killed when her village was raided—we are taking part in systematic transformation in communities where the most vulnerable left behind are exploited.

Your donation of any size to give the gift of education will be used for school supplies and salaries at all three locations for our indigenous teachers, administrators, day time security guards, and school cooks.

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We need $42,000 to transport two 40 ft food containers by sea and then land to provide nutritious food for the children at New Life Ministry and Our Father’s Cleft. All food was generously donated by our partners at Rise Against Hunger and will provide both locations with approximately 5 months supply of food. In areas of extreme poverty, malnourishment is a tremendous concern and a means of exploitation. When you give the gift of nutritious food, you are also offering protection from trafficking for children with no food options like Obaa, who ran to LUV for help.

  • $4,000/container to travel from PA to Kenya by boat

  • $16,000 (approx) for one container to travel to New Life Ministry by land

  • $18,000 (approx) for one container to travel to Our Father’s Cleft by land

We are so close to achieving and surpassing our 2019 goal!  No amount is too large or too small.

Continue the movement of LUV by December 31st with a gift toward one of these goals or consider starting your monthly partnership donation to help LUV year round in offering life-saving care to lift up the most vulnerable in warzones:  

  • Mail checks to: P.O. BOX 22027, New York, NY 10087-2027

  • Or donate online at: Give LUV

If you’ve given already to help us meet our 400K+ goal, thank you! Please share this email or our website with people in your family or community that may have not yet determined where they will make their year end contribution.

The act of lifting requires strength.  We are strongest when we lift together!  


With deepest thanks and much gratitude,

Audrey Moore

Executive Director


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