This February Lift Up the Vulnerable (LUV) became the recipient of a $75,000 grant from the Independent Presbyterian Church Foundation in Birmingham, AL to support all components of the transformational education and care programs provided by LUV to children at-risk to human trafficking in the warzones of Sudan and South Sudan.  These life-saving funds will be used to support, equip and empower LUV’s indigenous ministry partners providing education, security, nutrition and loving care to vulnerable children in their anti-trafficking network. 

LUV’s mission is to lift up vulnerable children and women at-risk to human trafficking and oppression in warzones.  They work with an indigenously directed anti-trafficking network in Sudan and South Sudan that offers safe housing, education, healthcare, discipleship, and community development initiatives.   

 “We are deeply honored to be the recipient of this significant investment by the Independent Presbyterian Church Foundation as we continue our efforts to advance the mission of LUV through education and the life-saving provision of food in the warzones of Sudan and South Sudan.  In these warzones there simply are no other options and no other resources beyond the investments LUV and our partners offer,” said LUV Executive Director, Audrey Moore.  “Therefore partnerships and donations like these are more than just food and education; they are literally saving lives and offer hope and healing for the most vulnerable in our world today.”

 LUV’s education initiative lifts up the vulnerable through preschool, elementary school, high school, adult literacy classes, higher education, vocational training, specialized medical classes, and mid-wife training.  Their vision for each level of educational training is to see minds expanded, bodies protected, and hearts transformed with Love so that a new generation of peace-makers are being raised up within warzones.

 “This generous gift seeds us with the resources to continue strategically and comprehensively enhancing and enriching the academic experience of our students and is a further step towards actualizing our vision of LUV’s plan of investing in long-term generational change in warzones through equipping at-risk children and women” said Moore.

“I love your name because you and your team are not only providing incredible assistance to children and women who are the most vulnerable amongst us, but we often forget that you too become vulnerable by being there and helping.  The Independent Presbyterian Church Foundation supports all that you do, and we pray every day for both the children and women you are helping but also for the safety of your team.  This is not easy work, but you are changing lives for the better,” said Denise Moore, Executive Director for the Foundation.

 The Independent Presbyterian Church (IPC) Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) corporation formed in 1973 in Birmingham, Alabama. The purpose of the Foundation is to extend IPC’s ministries through the use of endowments.  The IPC Foundation awards grants for “the benefit of mankind, the education of youth, the relief of human suffering, and propagation of the Christian religion.”  

 Lift Up the Vulnerable is a Christian mission that relies on the donations from individual partners, foundations, corporate sponsors, and organizations. The mission of LUV is made possible solely through the strength of our dynamic network. Safety and security for the most vulnerable don’t just happen.  They are result of the movement of Love in the world!  The act of lifting requires strength. We are strongest when we work together. Join the IPC Foundation in the journey of advancing LUV in this world and participating in lives transformed.

We need your support to offer hope, love and transformation to Sudan and South Sudan. Give today and join us in advancing the mission of LUV.