What does $6 mean to you?

 To me it means a small black coffee and maybe a double chocolate chip cookie at my favorite cafe. Or, a box of those Peanut Butter Cliff Bars that I pretend to love when I travel.  

For most, $6 a day is a lot more significant and not as easily—or carelessly—dispensed with. In Sudan and South Sudan, for example, $6 a day is a game changer.  Just $6 a day provides tremendous life-changing and community transforming impacts like safe housing, education, healthcare and so much more to the children and women we serve. With as little as $6 a day you can equip LUV to provide life saving prevention which is the key to breaking the cycle of human trafficking and oppression.

The act of lifting requires strength.  We are strongest when we work together.

You are needed. Join us today.  When you Give LUV and Share LUV you lift up, restore, and offer hope and healing to the most vulnerable in our world.

With LUV,

Audrey Moore, Executive Director

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