Regina* was just nine years old when her parents were murdered. 


In the warzones of Sudan and South Sudan, outbreaks of violence terrorize peaceful communities. Militias burn homes and kill innocent families; those who survive become extremely vulnerable and risk being kidnapped as child soldiers, sold as sex slaves, and trapped in forced labor. 


After the death of her parents, Regina shares, “the time became difficult for us. We didn’t have shelter, food, and most of our body needs.”


Not long after the death of her parents, Regina’s grandmother died of starvation. 


Alone in a warzone, Regina and her siblings were fighting for survival. 


Regina’s brothers would try to hunt for wild animals or find fruit while her sisters would collect firewood. As a result, the young children were not only desperate for food, but they were at high risk of experiencing exploitation. 


When Regina’s older brother heard about Lift Up the Vulnerable’s partner, New Life Ministry (NLM), he knew he had found hope for the future. 


“In 2009, my brother brought me to NLM. I was very happy because it was my first time to be in school. I got a new life that changed my life from bad to good. I didn’t think about food, shelter, and so many others. I like NLM very much.” 


Thousands of orphaned children like Regina in Sudan and South Sudan are still waiting for your support. Partner with us as we provide protection, education, and economic development to prevent human trafficking in warzones. We can’t do this work without you!


What your gift can do:

$25 — Meet the critical nutritional needs of a vulnerable child for one month.   

$50 — Stop human trafficking by providing safe housing for one month.   

$100 — Offer preventative medical care for survivors.   

$150 — Empower one survivor with meaningful employment for one month.   

$200 — Protect, educate, and mentor a child for one month.