Meet Elizabeth Achol Atak, affectionately known as Achol “Tall” due to her 6’3″ stature, is not just tall in height but also character — a blend of leadership, compassion, and humor. With Achol Tall around, things get accomplished with her vibrant spirit. 

Growing up in South Sudan, Achol’s life took a poignant turn in 2013 when her father fell critically ill. Fearing for her safety, her older brother entrusted her to LUV’s anti-traffiicking network, altering the course of her journey forever. 

At just the age of 15, she faced the devastating loss of her father. 

Today, as a high school senior, Achol Tall thrives on the LUV campus. Excelling academically, she also enjoys volleyball, joking that she’s “too tall for soccer.” Her leadership extends beyond academics and sports; she has assumed the role of dormitory leader, mentoring younger students, guiding daily chores, leading devotional sessions, and opening her room to support three of the youngest students. 

Achol’s gratitude for the opportunity afforded by the school and safe house is profound. She recognizes their unwavering support during her most vulnerable times, labeling herself “blessed” for the chance to flourish despite adversities.


Participating in a recent medical mission where she learned about wound care, deeply impacted her. Several years ago she had witnessed the tragic death of newborn due to inadequate medical attention and both experiences solidified her ambition to become a nurse.


She’s driven to improve medical training and resources, emphasizing her commitment to studying before getting married.


Throughout the medical mission, Achol Tall’s compassion was evident. She radiated with a sense of genuine care for the community, making it clear that she’s determined to make a significant impact through a vocation in nursing.


When asked to share a message with you, Achol said,


“My friends call me Achol Tall, and I am proud to be tall. I want to give thanks to everyone that is a friend of LUV and to those who pray a lot for our school.  Please stand with us and stand with our school.  May God bless you all and encourage you all not to stop.”


Achol embodies hope for the future.


With your help, she is poised to transform the world with LUV.  


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