Happy Month of LUV!

This February, we’re inviting you to take your partnership to the next level by helping grow LUV all month long.

With human trafficking on the rise, we are committed to increase our response to end exploitation of the most vulnerable through prevention.

Our goal is to add 100+ new partners (as passionate and compassionate as you!) who will join us in the mission of preventing trafficking and empowering changemakers in war-torn nations during our International Day of LUV celebrations—aka Valentines Day.

By inspiring one friend to join the mission of LUV, you’ll help make it possible to rescue and empower more orphans than ever before.


Would you join me this month by inviting one friend to support Lift Up the Vulnerable? 

Last week, I shared one unique way to spread LUV. Below is a new way you can help grow LUV all month long:



Join our crowdfunding campaign during the entire month of February in honor of the International Day of LUV—Valentine’s Day 2021!

The goal is to share our message of LUV with new audiences and bring critical resources to the children of Sudan and South Sudan who desperately need support right now.

To participate in our “Give LUV All Month” Campaign on GoFundMe.com you can set up your own page and share it with your friends, colleagues and contacts. It only takes about 10 minutes to join our campaign as a Team Member.

Joining is quick, easy, and helps us spread the word to your network. Doing so will strengthen our impact at a time when the vulnerabilities of millions of orphans are increasing due to the global pandemic, resulting in an increase in trafficking numbers.

Rob, Rena (pictured above sharing about LUV with her cousin), and I — along with a growing number of team members — have already crafted our own team pages so you can see examples.

When you join, we’ll send you our toolkit with helpful tips and tricks to make spreading LUV easy!


“Give LUV All Month” campaign page and click “Join” to get started.

We have exciting plans for 2021. Your giving makes them possible. Stay tuned for a month of sharing, giving, and growing LUV!