Happy Month of LUV!

In honor of the upcoming International Day of LUV (aka Valentine’s Day), we have made it our tradition to celebrate for an entire month! This observance is rooted in our desire for the world to know that genuine love, at its core, is about caring for those in need — especially the most vulnerable orphans and widows in their distress. 


As we step into this year’s Month of LUV, our hearts are stirred by the urgency of our world’s deep need for agape — a Greek word that mirrors the selfless, sacrificial, and unconditional love demonstrated by Jesus Christ. 


“This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.”

– 1 John 3:16  


In this spirit, we’re igniting a month-long movement to spread Christ’s love to those who need it most — and we need your help.


Amid escalating conflicts in Sudan, our mission is urgent. What many are calling the ‘Forgotten War,’ Sudan’s tragedy remains mostly overlooked. Yet, the recent reports tell a chilling tale — over 12,000 lives lost, 7 million internally displaced, increased recruitment of child soldiers, and mounting reports of genocide in just ten months since the war began last April.


“Sudan’s conflict has evolved into the world’s largest and most devastating humanitarian disaster, eclipsing every other crisis on the planet.” *


At our anti-trafficking center in Sudan, we have the space to stand in the gap for 51 additional children this year and provide these new students a safe place to live, learn, heal, and flourish. As they open  up their doors to new kids, Our Father’s Cleft (OFC) leaders have a plan to first welcome in the children who have lost parents in the recent battles and have nowhere to go for help.


Will you stand with us to meet this audacious goal to rescue kids who need it most? 


To offer safety and support to a child in Sudan costs $2,500 annually, approximately $208 per month, $48 a week, or just $6 a day.


Your love holds the potential to be a guiding light amidst Sudan’s turmoil. A one time or monthly gift of any size will make a tremendous impact. Click here to give protection and embody the spirit of agape love. Together, let’s shine the light of hope into the darkest corners of Sudan during the Month of LUV.


Give Protection



Celebrate with us!

  • Give Protection: Join us in securing funding to safeguard a child in Sudan. It costs $2,500 to protect one child annually, $208 per month. $48 a week, or $6 a day.  Will you make a sacrificial gift to help support a child in need?
  • Enjoy Our Playlist: In worship, pray for the protection of the children in Sudan and feel the agape love Jesus has for you and all His children around the world.
  • Spread Love: Our world is stressed and hurting. Small acts of compassion are needed. Download a free valentine and share it with someone you care about.