In the Northern Hemisphere, December 21 is the longest night, the winter solstice. It marks the shortest day of the year, the official start of winter. 

When darkness falls in a warzone, danger intensifies.

Raids, exploitation, and assault are just some of the night’s dangers. Children and women without shelter, clean water or food, and access to education are even more vulnerable.

We want to extend a special invitation to join us for Lift Up the Vulnerable’s Longest Night Prayer Vigil on December 21st.


Here are three ways to participate:

1. Join or host an in-person vigil on December 21st. Hosts include:

  • St Luke’s, 3736 Montrose Rd, Mountain Brook, AL 35213 at 5:30 pm CST in Graham Hall

2. Sign-up to keep vigil one hour of the longest night — at home or with a small group — knowing that you are linking prayers with a global community in support of the most vulnerable in our world today. Select your hour vigil here. All those who sign up to keep vigil will receive a meditation prayer guide via email to use during their hour vigil.

3. Attend our live-streamed prayer service at 5:30 pm CST/ 6:30 pm EST. Register here to receive the link.


Don’t miss out on this meaningful evening of reflection and intercession. Your prayers and participation are life-changing.