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When you donate to Lift Up the Vulnerable, you protect and empower children like Mary*:


Mary was just a young girl when her mentally disabled mother abandoned her, and her father fell ill. Within rural cultures, such as those in the regions of Sudan and South Sudan where LUV works, children who cannot be cared for by their immediate family are often sent to live with neighbors and family friends where they can face abuse, just as Mary did.


Mary shared, “After two and a half years, my father became blind. Our terrible conditions increased more than before. Then my younger sister was taken by one of our neighbors to look after his child. I remained with my father, and things were really difficult for us at home because there was not enough food despite the body’s needs. When it came to the rainy season, our house collapsed, which my father used to sleep in, and he usually suffered when it rained. 

Then my father moved into my uncle’s home because of the rain damage, and he didn’t have the ability to repair our thatched-roof house. Immediately, my uncle came and took me to his home as well, and his wife also mistreated me. Though I did nothing, she would beat me, abuse me, call me greedy, sexy, and do many other things to me. I used to cry all the time because of the misbehavior of my uncle’s wife. 

Luckily, my uncle brought me to NLM in 2006. When I came to New Life Ministry, my life really changed into a good life, and I stayed with other orphans as brothers and sisters happily throughout the day and the night.”


With your help, LUV’s anti-trafficking network provided a sanctuary for Mary to flourish through our protection and education programs. Today, she’s full of hope for the future ahead of her because of the compassionate love she was extended as a young child.


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