Last week, New Life Ministry (one of LUV’s ministry partners along the border of Darfur in South Sudan) celebrated their 6th high school graduation! 

Since 2016, your partnership has helped launch 199 seniors who have graduated from our anti-trafficking network — including 49 in this class of 2021.

When you give to our Month of LUV campaign, you help children who were once vulnerable become thriving changemakers. 

What’s more, the class of 2021 had the largest cohort of female graduates in our history! Eleven tenacious young women graduated from New Life Ministry, two from Hope For South Sudan (along the border of Uganda), and five from Our Father’s Cleft (in Sudan).

The foundation for these pupils’ tremendous success is an elementary school education where children receive the early life-saving support they need to grow and flourish.

Lift Up the Vulnerable is leading the way in our education program to protect children-at-risk of human trafficking in warzones. 

This February, we’ve raised 83% of our Month of LUV goal to protect and empower students through education! 

With just 4 days to go, please consider donating in honor of these graduates and help LUV uplift even more children in war-torn communities by offering them a safe place to attend school and grow in resilience toward a hopeful future.

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