I am amazed by our LUV Strong ambassadors, who stayed active this summer while raising donations to prevent human trafficking in Sudan and South Sudan. Among our diverse group of volunteers from the USA to Hong Kong are pastors, lawyers, yogis, ultra-marathon runners, elementary students, high school seniors, and even five football stars from the NC State Pack of Wolves NIL Collective.  


I love to hear what inspires our partners to support Lift Up the Vulnerable and was touched by the responses from the sixteen who logged hundreds of miles and recruited over 100 of their friends and families to join us in this important mission. 


The LUV is very strong with this group.   


Take Reverend Seth Olson from Birmingham, AL. He shared, “I love being a part of this LUV Strong campaign as it is a way of raising awareness of the good work of Lift Up the Vulnerable. Sometimes we get so focused on the local, which is of utmost importance, but we miss the connection to what is happening 


Locally across the globe—both the heartbreaking and the uplifting. Being a part of LUV Strong has challenged me to spend time on my runs, walks, and hikes, such that I do think about not just what is happening in my neighborhood, but also in South Sudan. I have recently taken to running without music or podcasts to have a running meditative time of prayer holding those across the globe in my heart. As one of my favorite proverbs goes: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. May we run together!” 



 Long time champion of the vulnerable, Jim Dixon in AL expressed,


“I am so excited to be part of LUV Strong this year! Supporting LUV’s mission and sticking to a workout regime are two things I can really get behind.


LUV is changing lives not only in Sudan but it is life-changing and life-affirming for all of those who support and participate in its mission.” 





Monthly donors, Nathan and Melissa Baird in PA state committed to hike, swim, and pray to support the children and women in our programs,


“We don’t consider ourselves fundraisers, but we do see the importance of inviting people to engage with a fuller, more interconnected life. That’s why we said ‘yes’ to LUV Strong so that the circle of compassion and interconnection with our brothers and sisters in Sudan and South Sudan can continue to grow.” 





Rising high school senior, Andrew Reynolds in NJ, has been volunteering with Lift Up the Vulnerable as part of his school’s community service program. This summer, he jumped at the opportunity to do even more by participating in the LUV Strong Campaign. He set a lofty goal: to walk or run over 100 miles!


Andrew shared, “I wanted to be a part of LUV Strong this year because I truly feel that I am helping make change in the world. I always see problems throughout the world on television, and it feels great to be able to help solve one of them. Knowing that I helped empower children in South Sudan with the money I raised is a fantastic feeling and I am very happy to be a part of such a great charity.”  





Mary Manning in MD was inspired by her 11-year-old daughter, Juliet, who told her mom she wanted to get strong this summer and train to run 11 miles. When they heard about the LUV Strong Campaign, they knew they’d found the perfect way to work out for a cause.


Mary wrote, “Please join me and Juliet in supporting real change by making a contribution to our LUV Strong campaign. A gift of any amount will have a direct impact on the lives of hundreds of children and women vulnerable to exploitation in Sudan and South Sudan.


Seriously, $25 feeds one child for ONE MONTH.” 




Will you help them exceed their goal and strengthen even more children in Sudan and South Sudan? Give to Support These Ambassadors & End Trafficking Today


As we journey to address root causes of exploitation in warzones, “Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us” (Hebrews 12).


We can’t solve complex issues quickly; the work is too big.  But, as Seth reminds us, “If you want to go far, go together.” 


May we continue to LUV Strong together! 


Want to LUV Strong too?  You can join any time.  Contact Sasha Nicolle to learn how.