We believe in transformation – and we have seen it happen!

Twenty-nine LUV graduates are currently on university scholarships, and they inspire us. Due to decades of war, many are the firsts in their families to be literate. All are the first to have a chance at post-secondary education.


Because of you, they are dreaming big and pursuing careers that bring hope.


‘David’ wants to open a clinic and serve vulnerable communities when he graduates with his nursing diploma. 

It is my pleasure to remember New Life Ministry (LUV’s indigenous partner). Without NLM, I would be a soldier, fight on the front lines knowing nothing of my future, and die. NLM built me up in a Christian manner. NLM has changed me to know who I am in society, how to live in a community, and know Jesus Christ. 


‘Rachel’ is studying to be a teacher and is deeply grateful for your generosity. 

LUV did a great thing in my life that I cannot forget; I would not have reached this far if I was not supported till I finished secondary school, and I am glad. 


Young adults like ‘Samuel’ want to remind you that your support is creating a change that will impact thousands of lives. 

This chain of help will not last upon me alone, but I will also extend it to other most needy children in the country and world.


Lastly, each of our university students are asking for your prayers. ‘Martha’ shares: 

I pray that God will assist me to live each and every day with trust and gratitude for my providential care to me in order to help my community. 


Invest in hope today!  Your generosity can prevent human trafficking and does empower a new generation of changemakers to transform the world with Christ’s love.