Every day, with the twist of a knob, clean water flows out of our sinks and showers. It’s so typical to have access to clean water that most of us don’t even think about it.

But in hard to reach and war-torn places like South Sudan, people think about clean water every day — because they don’t have it. Even walking to get water is a long and dangerous task.

Already vulnerable children and women journey hours to fill up containers of river water for their families. Unfortunately, this daily walk puts them at high risk of being trafficked or injured, and most often, the water carries life-threatening diseases.

In South Sudan, human trafficking and exploitation are rampant due to extreme poverty and relentless conflict that has forced millions to flee and destroyed infrastructure at every level, including education systems, food security, and clean water access.

This September, student athletes from NC State University’s Pack of Wolves NIL collective and National Coatings Inc are working together to help Lift Up the Vulnerable drill a new well in South Sudan so children and women can be safe, stay healthy, and flourish.

Lift Up the Vulnerable (LUV) exists to prevent the trafficking of vulnerable children and women in warzones and empower them to be changemakers in their communities.

Safe access to clean water is critical to our trafficking prevention programs. 

Meet the NC State student athletes who are transforming the world with LUV and learn more about this exciting collaboration that will protect children and women by giving the gift of water! Then, join us by making a donation to help replace a broken well at one of our safe homes in South Sudan and provide safe drinking water to 400 students and over 100 local leaders and community members.

Partner with us today!