We Did It!

With the help of our generous partners, I’m delighted to announce that IMPOSSIBLE dreams became POSSIBLE for the most vulnerable and we surpassed our year-end fundraising goal, helping us continue to lift up children and women in Sudan and South Sudan!

Mother Teresa was often asked, “How do we love God? Where is God?” To this she regularly offered a simple “5 finger gospel/good news” reminder, “Whatever you do to the least of these—You—did—it—to—Me.

Thank you for living out “You—did—it—to—Me” by partnering with us in protecting and empowering the most vulnerable to human trafficking in warzones through generously sharing, giving, and praying!


Your generosity is investing in children and women to be independent, innovative changemakers.


We are on a mission to transform the world with love by protecting and empowering those who are most vulnerable. Through the only indigenously directed anti-human trafficking network spanning Sudan and South Sudan, LUV provides protection, education, and economic development to eliminate the exploitation of vulnerabilities, provide freedom, and restore hope.

Want to take your partnership with LUV to the next level in 2021? Learn more about The LUV Collective — our diverse community of changemakers who are being equipped to serve, share, and collaborate to prevent trafficking before it starts.

We have exciting plans for 2021. Your giving makes them possible.