In our last story about Women Making History, we featured Teacher Grace and her transformational journey of empowerment. 

Your generosity, hand in hand with Grace’s compassionate leadership, contributes to the success of hundreds of children who are protected, educated, and equipped to be change-agents in their own lives and war-torn communities, children like eleven-year-old Nala* in Grace’s third-grade class.

When Nala was around three years old her mother died due to an unknown disease and she was brought to our anti-trafficking network to receive life-saving care. 

Transform the lives of girls like Nala

Over the past eight years, our local leaders have seen Nala grow into a bright and shining light!

Teacher Grace shared, 

“What has inspired me about Nala is the interest of this girl and her active involvement in school activities. Education is very important for the girls in South Sudan, and it helps them to know their rights as women and girls in any society. I have seen leadership skills in this young girl, and she inspires me and motivates me to keep on teaching this exciting new generation!” 

At LUV, we believe compassionate love and generosity are contagious!  

Equally inspired by Teacher Grace, Nala shared, 

“Teacher Grace is a very good and hardworking teacher, and I want to be like her when I grows up. I am inspired to live the life of Teacher Grace.You know when you do something good as a parent or a teacher automatically your students or children will admire you and will dream to become like you.The behaviors of Teacher Grace and how she does things inspired me a lot, and I think also most of the children here have seen that, and I wish to be like her in future! I hope to also inspire the other girls at HFSS or in the community by encouraging them to follow their dreams and to also achieve their big dreams. I want to tell them that anything is possible if you believe and have hope that you can achieve it! This comes through hard work and obedience.”

Grace’s life is an inspiration to Nala, and Nala’s life inspires other children around her… on and on, love goes and grows. This is the flow of true empowerment and God’s compassionate and generative love.

Nala has big hopes for her future. She wants to finish her studies and “become a responsible person in the community. I want to be a blessing and help to those in need, listen to them, and bring joy to friends. Be a loving person and work hard to touch the lives of many by helping them because I was also helped and supported by people with generous hearts. And I hope to be a blessing to many in different ways, especially serving humanity.”

Amen. May it be so.

Will you invest in Nala’s dream?

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