As we prepare for 2019, I wanted to take time to celebrate how your partnership with LUV is saving lives.  Three stories stand out that capture the heart of the anti-trafficking network you make possible.  The stories of Obaa, Faiza, and Regina.

There are two common denominators in all of their stories: 1) impossible situations; 2) where love wins.  Abandoned, starving, alone in a warzone Obaa, Faiza, and Regina may not have been alive today without the power of intervening love. Your partnership rescued them and 1,497 others growing up in the lawless lands of Sudan and South Sudan.  

This is the power of Love in action and it is the only power that transforms the world.

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stumbled into the power of intervening love several months ago and has been growing stronger and healthier each day at Hope For South Sudan! Speaking with Peter, HFSS indigenous director, Obaa shared just how much he loved living safely and free from harm now. He especially loved having kids around to play and dance with all the time… and the good food.

 Hear directly from Peter about why partnership with LUV is so important.



experienced the power of intervening love too after she was attacked several years ago in the Nuba Mountains on her way home from school at Our Father’s Cleft.  When it was discovered that she had become pregnant at age 12 she was brought on a harrowing journey to Uganda to have a safe delivery in a hospital.  Today Faiza and Baby Kaka Jane “Grace” (now age 1 year and 3 months) are thriving and boldly inviting others to dive into deep waters (read more of that story here). They are happy, healthy, and on a road to healing. 

 Listen to Ezekiel, indigenous director at Our Father’s Cleft, share more about how LUV is transforming lives in Sudan.

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witnessed her parents taken into slavery by the Janjaweed when they raided her village.  Orphaned, abandoned, and at-high risk herself she found rescue in 2006 and graduated from New Life Ministry high school in December 2018.   She is one of the few literate women in the entire country; let alone with a diploma!  The power of intervening love rescued her, raised her, and will walk with her into the future as she transitions to her next step in her journey!

 Hear from James Lual Atak, director of NLM, who wanted to personally thank you for being a part of this transformation mission. 

You and I have the privilege of continuing to participate in the power of intervening love that rescued the lives of Obaa, Faiza, Regina, and thousands of others—an intervening love that transforms hearts, minds, communities, and nations.

With your help in 2019 we will:

  • Hire two nurses to deepen the quality of medical care available to the children and provide on-going mid-wife training in each community.  This training will provide preventative care and combat the high maternal and infant mortality rates in South Sudan and Sudan. 

  • Enroll 17 new university-eligible students who graduated from New Life Ministry in 2017 to colleges in Juba, South Sudan.  

  • Build the last remaining classrooms and laboratories required to finalize our high school programs at OFC and HFSS so that every location will have capacity for Pre-K to Grade 12.

  • Deepen the connection sponsors have with their sponsorship children by establishing new ways to communicate and send updates more regularly.  To learn more about transferring your sponsorship to LUV, click here.


Thank you for partnering with LUV in ACTION and transforming lives:  your year-end gift will be DOUBLED now until December 31st! YOU have the potential to help double $100,000 and raise $200,000 to provide food, housing, education, and medical care for the most vulnerable children in the war zones of Sudan and South Sudan! 

Together we are advancing LUV,

Audrey Moore

Executive Director