The act of lifting requires strength. We are strongest when we work together. 

Lift Up the Vulnerable (LUV) unites indigenous leaders, local staff, global partners, and passionate volunteers. We work within an appropriate cultural context to creatively address the issues affecting the vulnerable. LUV is a Christian non-profit organization that was strategically launched in 2018 by a team of seasoned global leaders in order to help strengthen the work of a dynamic anti-trafficking network spanning Sudan and South Sudan. Together, with you, we surround the most vulnerable in a global embrace of love. 



  • Joann Hsieh

  • John van Rens

  • Reverend Lauran Bethell

  • Dr Linnea Smith

  • Louise Coggins



Executive director

Audrey has dedicated her life to shedding light on human trafficking and the injustices taking place in our world, particularly for vulnerable children. She is passionate about educating and encouraging communities to participate in Love in Action in care for the abandoned and at-risk. Before joining LUV, she served in various leadership roles with a nonprofit organization specialized anti-human trafficking missions. Audrey received a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Delaware and has lived internationally serving on short and long-term missions to the oppressed and at-risk in Western and Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Africa. 

She has spent extensive time in Belgium working with international students, refugees, and in South Sudan working with indigenous ministries. As an organizational leader Audrey motivates and educates staff, volunteers, partners, and communities about the mission, values, beliefs, and goals of LUV. She is responsible for the day-to-day operations, international partnership growth, inspirational communications, coordination of teams, resources, and care, as well as, developing and implementing strategic organizational plans for long-term sustainability.

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SENIOR Field Coordinator

As Senior Field Coordinator, Eugenio oversees operations, partnerships, and leadership development in Sudan, South Sudan and Kenya. He negotiates everything from supply requisitions, to overseeing delivery of supplies over long-distance road less bush. Additionally, since 2009 he has helped with organizing any logistical need for partners and short-term teams in and out of Sudan and South Sudan.  Eugenio has a university degree in business focusing on clearing, forwarding, warehousing, distribution, and shipping management. He worked for 17 years at Firestone Tire Company, gaining experience working and traveling in the whole of East and Central Africa. His entire family opens their hearts and home to love and care for the women and children that we medevac to Kenya for emergency medical care and oversees their rehabilitation.



Indigenous Director of Our Father’s Cleft in the Nuba Mountains, Sudan

Ezekiel Ayub serves as the Indigenous Director of Our Father's Cleft. Our Father’s Cleft (OFC) is located in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. OFC has an orphanage, school, and medical clinic providing complete care for nearly 500 children, ranging from preschool to eighth grade.  It is located in Sudan, and therefore is the most challenging and dangerous location to access due to the on-going genocide enacted by the Sudanese government.  At OFC many of our children live with family while attending our school and receiving food and medical care.  Therefore, we provide housing for the truly homeless orphan. 



Kenyan Logistician & Child Sponsorship coordinator

After finishing his high school education, Francis began at the Kabete Technical Training Institute where he started a Diploma in Business Administration. Before completing his degree, he returned to his home village in order to teach for several years at the primary school he grew up in.  He has served as Kenyan Logistician since 2013 and is responsible for personally overseeing delivery of life-saving supplies from food to medicine to building supplies in both Sudan and South Sudan. Francis also facilitates the child sponsorship program and delivers letters, documents children in our network, and trains indigenous sponsorship team members.



Indigenous Director of NEw life ministry in south sudan, along the border of darfur

James Lual Atak is the founder and indigenous director of New Life Ministry (NLM). NLM is located along the border of Darfur and was established in 2005. NLM school, orphanage, and clinic provides complete care for approximately 750 children, including elementary through high school education.  In 2016, NLM celebrated their first graduating class of seniors and the first high school graduation in the entire region. Many of these students are now studying in university in South Sudan or Uganda. NLM also has a vibrant widows ministry which employs and helps stabilize thousands of women and former trafficking victims.  This orphanage is also unique in that they receive orphans from both sides of a decades-long war. Darfur Muslim orphans and Southern Sudan Christian/Animist orphans learn about the love of Christ side-by-side and begin a long journey of healing, forgiveness and restoration.

In 2018, James was awarded the Tanenbaum Peacemaker in Action award for his years of dedication to transforming lives in warzones.




Jane oversees and coordinates the care for and empowerment of women and children in the Uganda and Kenya Safe Houses since 2012.  Prior to, Jane worked as a receptionist for 7 years with Hyundai Motors Company and then started her own shop in Nairobi until 2009. Her heart was moved for the needs of the orphans early on and she served as an active volunteer at a children’s home in Nairobi.  Jane, Eugenio and their daughters Christine and Faith regularly open their hearts and home to love and care for the women and children that are medevaced to Kenya for emergency care. When these patients are strong enough to be released from the hospital, but not strong enough to endure the tough conditions of Sudan, Jane oversees their rehabilitation.



Indigenous Director of hope for south sudan, along the border of uganda

Peter Lomago serves as the Indigenous Director of Hope For South Sudan. Hope For South Sudan (HFSS) is located near the South Sudan and Ugandan border and was established in 2009. HFSS has a school, orphanage, and clinic providing complete care to approximately 300 children including care for infants and education through high school.  HFSS leaders work diligently toward a self-sustainable future through agriculture.  This booming farm project is nearly 2,000 acres and growing. 



Chief advancement officer

Preston Lindsay, a native son of Camden, NJ residing in New York City, is a trained industrial organizational psychologist and organizational development practitioner with 10 years of combined executive leadership and organizational advancement experience in both the nonprofit and corporate sector. Preston's professional experiences have included leading organizational change, designing and implementing systems for improving organizational efficiency, developing strategic and goal management plans, leading fundraising and development activities, capacity building with dynamic teams and managing people & performance. He has joined LUV as Chief Advancement Officer.

Preston also serves as a an adjunct professor of change management and organizational behavior. As an academic, Preston's discipline areas of focus are industrial-organizational psychology, organizational behavior and management. His research explores the impact of organizational trauma on worker behavior and performance. Preston holds bachelors degrees in sociology and psychology and Master’s of Science degrees in Organizational Development and Management. He is currently a doctoral candidate in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Washington, D.C. campus. Passionate abolitionism and social justice, in his personal time, Preston lends his organizational development expertise by serving as board chair of community-based, social justice oriented nonprofits.



Chief financial officer

Sam Allison is a CPA with 7 years of public accounting experience followed by almost 10 years in industry, with a specialization in not-for-profit organizations. Sam and his team at Lighthouse CPA, LLC will provide financial consulting, accounting services, budget oversight, donation processing, and basic data entry to oversee the financial operations of the organization.

Audrey Moore, Eugenio Kirima, Jane Mutua, Funmi Chang (And Me Taiwan), Peter Lomago (Hope for South Sudan), James Lual Atak (New Life Ministry) and Ezekiel Ayub (Our Father’s Cleft)

Audrey Moore, Eugenio Kirima, Jane Mutua, Funmi Chang (And Me Taiwan), Peter Lomago (Hope for South Sudan), James Lual Atak (New Life Ministry) and Ezekiel Ayub (Our Father’s Cleft)


partner organization

And Me Taiwan is LUV’s global partner lifting up vulnerable children and women.  This partnership will allow Taiwanese donors the opportunity to mobilize their resources more effectively to advance the mission of lifting up the vulnerable in our Sudan and South Sudan network.  More information about how to donate coming soon!



partner organization

Voice of the Martyrs Canada is LUV’s global partner lifting up vulnerable children and women.  The “One Orphan, One Widow at a Time” partnership will allow Canadian donors the opportunity to mobilize their resources more effectively to advance the mission of lifting up the vulnerable in our Sudan and South Sudan network.