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Our staff, indigenous partners, and board represent passionate and professional people who are leading the way as we invest in the lives of vulnerable children and women in Sudan and South Sudan.

Meet Our Staff & Indigenous Partners

Audrey Moore

Chief Executive Officer

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Audrey has dedicated her life to shedding light on human trafficking and the injustices taking place in our world. While living in Europe and working with international students and refugees, she learned of the horrors of human trafficking firsthand when a children’s home she had been volunteering at was exposed as a front for prostitution. At the time she was a charter board member for the organization, Make Way Partners, which helped to close down the home. In an effort to rescue vulnerable children before experiencing the trauma of trafficking, Audrey moved to Alabama in 2005 to work extensively in support of the foundation and expansion of the indigenously directed anti-trafficking network that today spans Sudan and South Sudan. In 2018, Audrey became CEO of Lift Up the Vulnerable and leads the mission of preventing trafficking and empowering changemakers in war-torn communities. Contact: audrey@liftupthevulnerable.org

Cassidy Winters

Communications & Development

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Cassidy Winters is passionate about using communications to amplify the voices of people who are vulnerable. She believes that sharing stories and experiences is a crucial step to pushing back on injustice. Cassidy has worked in the advocacy and communications space worldwide, with an emphasis on partnering with anti-human trafficking organizations. She received a Global Masters of International Relations from Webster University in 2019 to further understand complex human trafficking issues. Cassidy strives to continually learn more about how to best empower those around her and enjoys putting those skills to use while volunteering at a local women’s shelter. In 2021, she became the Communications and Development Officer at LUV. Contact: cassidy@liftupthevulnerable.org 

Eugenio Kirima

Chief Program Officer

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Eugenio has a business degree focusing on clearing, forwarding, warehousing, distribution, and shipping management. He worked for 17 years at Firestone Tire Company, gaining experience working and traveling in East and Central Africa. Since 2009, he has been serving the anti-trafficking network spanning Sudan and South Sudan and played a pivotal role early on in massive infrastructure development. Through his experience in the corporate world he negotiated for better terms of payment with suppliers and better tax relief methods on supplies and construction materials. He also devised a more efficient, secure, and reliable transport system which enabled the ministry to move materials across borders. In 2019, he became LUV’s Chief Program Officer and oversees operations, programs, and leadership development in Sudan, South Sudan, and Kenya. His entire family opens their hearts and home to care for those who require emergency medical care and rehabilitation at the Kenya Safe House. Contact: eugenio@liftupthevulnerable.org

Ezekiel Ayub

Director of Our Father’s Cleft

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Ezekiel is the Executive Director of Our Father’s Cleft (OFC) located in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. Ezekiel was born in the Upper Nile state of South Sudan when his father was a student at Gideon Theological College. After completing his studies his father became a local church pastor and moved the family back to the Nuba Mountains until 1989 when war re-erupted and forced the family to move to Port Sudan. It was in Port Sudan that Ezekiel completed his primary and secondary education. Later, he received a scholarship for a teacher training course with Emmanuel Christian College in South Sudan which led to a missionary training opportunity in Zambia. In 2013, Ezekiel joined the staff as a teacher at Hope for South Sudan (HFSS) and served until 2015 when he became the indigenous director at OFC. Read more about OFC: Where We Work

Francis Spencer

Kenyan Logistician

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After finishing his high school education, Francis began at the Kabete Technical Training Institute where he started a Diploma in Business Administration. Before completing his degree, he returned to his home village in order to teach for several years at the primary school he grew up in. Since 2011, he has been serving the anti-trafficking network spanning Sudan and South Sudan. Today, he leads as LUV’s Kenyan Logistician and Child Sponsorship Coordinator. He is responsible for personally overseeing acquisition and delivery of life-saving supplies from food to medicine to building supplies. Francis also facilitates the child sponsorship program and delivers letters, documents children in our network, and trains and collaborates with the indigenous sponsorship team members.

James Lual Atak

Director of New Life Ministry

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James is the founder and executive director of New Life Ministry (NLM) located along the border of Darfur. During the Sudanese Civil War, James’ village was attacked and he began a three-month trek by foot to Ethiopia with other Lost Boys. Violence in Ethiopia caused them to flee again toward Kenya. It was during this period that he was conscripted as a child soldier, carrying an AK-47 and leading other armed children. When he was eventually released, James lived in the refugee camps in Kenya where he attended school, and eventually earned the opportunity for a visa to the USA. Just as he was about to travel, he had an epiphany, and decided to return home to protect and support other survivors of the warfare in his country. In 2005, NLM became the founding member of the anti-trafficking network that today spans Sudan and South Sudan. In 2018, James was awarded the Tanenbaum Peacemaker in Action award for his years of dedication to transforming lives in warzones. Read more about NLM: Where We Work

Jane Mutua

Thrive Coordinator

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Jane oversees and coordinates the care for and empowerment of women and children in LUV’s Kenya Safe House and throughout the anti-trafficking network.  Prior to her journey in service of the most vulnerable, Jane worked as a receptionist for 7 years with Hyundai Motors Company and then started her own shop in Nairobi until 2009. Her heart was moved for the needs of the orphans early on and she served as an active volunteer at a children’s home in Nairobi. Jane, Eugenio and their daughters regularly open their hearts and home to love and care for the women and children that are medevaced to Kenya for emergency care. When these patients are strong enough to be released from the hospital, but not strong enough to endure the tough conditions of Sudan or South Sudan, Jane oversees their rehabilitation.

Peter Lomago

Director of Hope For South Sudan

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Peter serves as the Executive Director of Hope For South Sudan (HFSS) located near the South Sudan and Ugandan border in Eastern Equitoria. Growing up in a warzone, Peter became interested early on in pursuing something greater than himself. Because educational infrastructure in his region had collapsed, when Peter was about nine years old, he left his village and walked alone for days and without food to the refugee camps in Uganda in pursuit of educational opportunities. Living as a refugee, Peter was focused on completing elementary and high school so he could be a part of growing a solution back at home. Later, he received a scholarship for a teacher training course with Emmanuel Christian College in South Sudan which led to a missionary training opportunity in Zambia. In 2013, he joined HFSS as a teacher, then deputy director, and, in 2017, Peter was promoted to serve as the executive director. Read more about HFSS: Where We Work

Robert Riggs

Chief Operations Officer

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Robert developed a passion for countering injustices around the world over 20 years ago while living in the Middle East. It was through deep engagement with refugee communities that he saw firsthand both the dangers and hardships that they faced, the resilience of the human spirit, and how effective development strategies can lead to hope and flourishing. Since that time, Robert has dedicated his life to education and empowerment initiatives in a variety of nonprofit sectors with the belief that holistic empowerment models prevent human trafficking and other abuses, allowing humans to thrive as change agents in their own lives and communities. In 2020, he became LUV’s Chief Operations Officer and is responsible for day-to-day operations overseeing strategic planning, budgeting, fundraising, marketing, and charged with growing and investing in a team of committed, thriving leaders. Contact: robert@liftupthevulnerable.org

Tara Herget

Finance & Administrative Officer

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Tara Herget received her BS in Psychology, Graduate Certificate in College Teaching and Leadership, and MA in Applied Learning and Instruction from the University of Central Florida. She began her career working in the private sector, assisting people with bankruptcies, family law, and criminal law but felt a desire to increase her impact in the lives of others. As a result, Tara worked at a public university to assist students in pursuing their education goals. Through this meaningful career experience, Tara obtained knowledge in various facets of nonprofit work. Additionally, She gained proficiency working on the Finance, Human Resource, Operations, and the Business Incubator Program teams. This impactful experience intensified Tara’s calling to empower and enrich the lives of others. In 2021, she became LUV’s Finance and Administrative Officer and works on all financial and administrative functions at LUV. Contact: tara@liftupthevulnerable.org

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