As stewards of the love you extend, we take financial integrity seriously and appreciate the faith in us that your giving represents.


Your generosity is making tremendous impacts in the lives of the most vulnerable.

LUV is seeing lives transformed, hope restored, and at-risk communities lifted up. When you #GiveLUV you are participating in advancing the movement of

Love in Action.



To increase transparency and further our commitment to financial accountability we provide quarterly and annual reports to all partners. 


Quarterly Partner Reports

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Lift Up the Vulnerable (LUV) is a trusted 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our EIN number is: 83-1980124.

To donate by check: Lift Up the Vulnerable, P.O. BOX 22027, New York, NY 10087-2027

To set up an ACH donation please call us at: (646) 481-8948

Or to donate online:


 LUV takes financial accountability seriously. LUV will pursue ECFA (Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability) accreditation after our first fiscal year end in 2019. From day one we follow the same best practices already established by the ECFA and are meeting or surpassing all standards required for their seal of responsible ministry stewardship and financial accountability.  LUV has a seasoned CPA with experience in the not-for-profit sector serving as our CFO and we will voluntarily submit to an annual third-party review or audit.  

We provide year-end tax receipts intended to confirm tax-deductibility as it applies for U.S. income tax purposes. Deductibility of donations or contributions varies in other countries based on local laws, treaties with the U.S., etc. Therefore, we recommend donors based outside the U.S. should consult with a qualified advisor regarding the tax or equivalent rules covering deductibility.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, and thank you in advance for your support!