Our model prevents trafficking and empowers children and women to thrive as change agents in their own lives and communities.


Vulnerable children and women are empowered to thrive long-term by receiving safe housing, nutritious meals, clean water, as well as preventative and emergency medical care. These essential foundations alleviate numerous vulnerabilities that lead to exploitation. We offer these vital resources to support individuals on the path to self-sufficiency as we build up people to care for themselves and their communities.


Students are equipped to grow intellectually and spiritually in our safe, Christ-centered schools. Children in our protection programs and students from the community are provided with formal education from pre-K through high school, along with nutritious meals and medical services. Graduates are offered continuing education through university scholarships and vocational training. We provide mentoring and leadership development to inspire students for a lifetime of learning and growth.

Economic Development

Communities are transformed through grassroots economic development which provides a catalyst to transition from dependency towards self-sufficiency and stability. Our anti-trafficking network indigenous partners and the children and women we serve are equipped to be innovative and self-sufficient. We invest in strategic initiatives such as large-scale farming, small business income generation, and savings groups to create a path towards economic independence and flourishing.

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