Our model prevents trafficking and empowers children and women to thrive as change agents in their own lives and communities.


We provide safe housing, food and nutrition, clean water, and preventative and emergency medical care for vulnerable children and women who have no other options. We understand that these basic necessities establish a foundation for life and serve as vital resources for building community.


Children are provided with formal education from pre-K through high school. Adults are offered continuing education through literacy, higher education, and vocational training. Spiritual mentoring is available for all to encourage, support, and inspire. Through each aspect of this program, it is our goal to see bodies protected, minds expanded, and hearts transformed.

Economic Development

Grassroots economic development is a game-changer for transitioning aid-dependent and insecure communities toward empowerment. Investing in children and women to be independent and innovative is a key requirement to help transform communities and reduce vulnerabilities.

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