Legacy of LUV

We are grateful to those who choose to express a lasting commitment to our mission by making a planned gift that will protect the lives of vulnerable children and women from human trafficking for decades to come. Planned giving is for donors who seek to build a hopeful and more just world for future generations. In addition to offering financial and tax benefits for you and your family, planned giving is a way to provide long-term stability and support for the people and communities we serve.

By participating in planned giving through our Legacy of LUV Society, you’re providing sustained impact through protection, education, and economic empowerment that will develop children and women into agents of change in their lives and communities.



Bequests (specific gifts made by a will) are a popular type of planned gift. You may designate your gift for general operating needs of the organization or to support a specific program. A bequest may also help to meet your financial and estate-planning goals by way of an estate-tax charitable deduction for the amount of the gift.

Retirement Assets, Life Insurance, or Real Estate

There are many ways a donor may leverage their retirement assets, life insurance, or real estate in charitable giving. By designating LUV as the recipient of benefits in a retirement plan, for example, you may be able to reduce estate taxes. Naming LUV as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy offers a simple way to make a planned gift. Real estate can also be a meaningful way to fund a charitable trust.

Donor Managed Investment Account

Establishing a donor managed investment account (DMI account) enables you to: 1. Request donations from the account to the organization at any time; 2. Retain investment management rights over the account; and 3. Receive a full tax deduction at the time you fund the DMI account. By offering investment autonomy, the DMI account method is designed to appeal to donors who want to actively participate in the philanthropic support of the organization. A DMI account is established through a charity (such as a community fund) and the account is therefore managed in a tax-free environment, and can potentially result in a larger gift to LUV over time than the initial amount of funds used to set up the DMI account.


Invest in our long-term vision

If you have not yet created a last will & testament, or if you are considering any changes to your existing document, we would love to talk with you and share our long-term vision for LUV and how you could make a permanent and eternal impact on those future plans. Please, prayerfully consider including LUV as part of your legacy. Contact us today to join our Legacy of LUV Society or if you have any questions.