I am so excited to share with you our very first quarterly report

 LUV takes financial accountability seriously and to further our commitment to you and those we serve through increased transparency we are providing you with these quarterly and annual reports to all of our partners.  We know that without you the mission of LUV is not possible.  The act of lifting children out of suffering requires strength. We are strongest when we work together.  Follow this link to review our first quarterly report. This and future quarterly reports are intended to provide you with updates on how your generous investment in the mission of LUV supports practical and life-saving impacts in Sudan and South Sudan.

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Ofuho Taban today is thriving at HFSS.

Ofuho Taban today is thriving at HFSS.

Your love and continued generosity are impacting and saving thousands of lives—like Ofuho Taban:  

“My name is Ofuho Taban. I am in grade 5 and I am glad to share to you my life story before I was brought here to Hope For South Sudan (HFSS). The name Taban means suffering because I was suffering from sickness; that is why my mother gave me that name Taban. My father died when I was still young and my mother was the one who take care of me. And one time, the Lord Resistance Army (LRA) came to our village and they killed and tortured so many people. But my mom and me manage to run and to hide inside the caves. And God save us from the hands of those people. Thank you God for the protection. What scares me so much is war in South Sudan. I will like to become a pastor in future.”

During that raid the LRA killed 400 men and made them eat human beings. Taban’s father escaped from the LRA attack but later was killed. His mother is still alive but is now unable to provide care for him.  


Your partnership is saving Taban’s life and thousands of others whose stories hold deep suffering and loss. For generations, war has been crippling communities, families, and hearts in South Sudan. LUV is on a mission to participate in reconciliation, redemption, and restoration of the brokenhearted. To extend hope to Taban’s suffering so that Love can do Love’s transformation work in his life and his world.  We need your help.  Without you, this life-saving, heart-tending, future-transforming mission is not possible.  

Give generously today to save more children like Taban and build a brighter tomorrow for the most vulnerable. 

 On a mission with LUV,

Audrey Moore

Executive Director