Yesterday Spreading LUV was published as a featured story in Shelby Living Magazine and on their website. Click here to read more about my journey of combating human trafficking with MWP and now LUV. 

spreading LUV spread.png

As a northerner living in the south, I’m often asked what is different about the two parts of the country. My number one answer is ‘people in the south are super friendly’. I don’t mean any disrespect northern-family, but do you get waived at by strangers driving by and you don’t feel afraid? When you’re out for a walk in the park are you greeted by people you never met before and you aren’t suspicious? Does the person in line behind you at the post office begin talking with you and you discover he’s just kind? No. Not very common.

This story came to be because a generous woman asked me in the supermarket checkout line how my day was and what I did for a living. As a world traveler, I know it is supremely important to take small steps of assimilation into local cultural norms… so, I smiled and chatted back. Thus birthed an encounter that grew into several more conversations and that ultimately led to more LUV being spread to the children in Sudan and South Sudan. 

I love this encounter, because it’s most often how movements of revolutionary transformation begin—one small act of love, one life at a time.

Share the story. Give generously. Make love your aim today. In doing so you participate in the powerful movement of Love in Action.  Join us.


With LUV,

Audrey Moore, Executive Director