For a child growing up in extreme poverty and in a warzone with little or no familial support—having a safe place to heal, feel supported, and be equipped to thrive independently is essential to preventing human trafficking.

We believe that children in need should never feel alone and hopeless.

When students feel safe, they are able to learn, grow in resiliency, and dream big for the future. Our holistic care solution offers protection, education, spiritual support, safe places for play, and empowerment programs to prevent human trafficking and equip changemakers.

At LUV, we envision a world where vulnerable children and women are empowered and, through them, war-torn communities are transformed.


Our partners generosity offers protection, education, and economic development to eliminate the exploitation of vulnerabilities, provide freedom, and restore hope.

Get a glimpse of a “Day In the Life” of a student in our anti-trafficking network and the hope made possible through your partnership:


Dr Kyle Hudgens visited our anti-trafficking network in 2019 and wrote, “I was thrilled when I stepped onto the grounds of New Life Ministry orphanage located in the northern part of South Sudan near Darfur. The children were playing soccer and volleyball, running and playing like normal kids their ages. I thought to myself, ‘this is working and totally worth it.’ 

I found the children to be bright and eager as some of them translated for me in the medical clinic. In the clinic the stark reality of exactly how good they were doing was painfully apparent as the children from the villages outside were undernourished, small for age, and overall much less robust than their counterparts in the orphanage. I then began to see the tremendous potential of this orphanage and I am sure the others as well. These orphanages are oases of hope to the surrounding communities.”


With your help we can protect, equip, and empower more lives!  Join us.